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A leading commercial, full service law firm in Abakaliki Nigeria

leading commercial full service law firm in Abakaliki Nigeria
Hans Offia & Associates, Abakaliki's largest, full service, commercial Law Firm

Who We Are

Hans Offia & Associates is a full service Commercial Law Firm with its offices in Abakaliki, Nigeria. At Hans Offia & Associates, our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering only the best legal services and advisory, and to advance the commercial and business interests of our esteemed clients across various Sectors within Nigeria and within the larger pan-African business market.  Our fully functional team have technical expertise which we tailor towards providing top notch legal services that cut across various practice areas. We make it our duty to understand our clients’ businesses which makes it better for us to better anticipate legal issues, and thus be able to speedily proffer specifically tailored solutions to their businesses and situations in order to suit the needs of these clients.

We are dedicated to the work of our clients; we have full fidelity to our clients, we are swift to responding to the needs of our clients, and this  level of dedication to the work of our clients has continuously distinguished us in the legal market, East of the Niger. As a team, the lawyers at Hans Offia & Associates fully understands the Nigerian market, with deep insights into various commercial sectors, which is based on our years of work product delivery in those areas as we steer the legal waters for our clients; performing various functions ranging from advisory in different sectors, to commercial due diligence, employment and other Labour-related issues, interfacing with the Government and regulatory agencies both at State and Federal levels, and beyond.

At Hans Offia & Associates, we maintain a stellar roster of clients, from thriving multinationals in diverse sectors, to medium-and-small scale companies, investors in Industry, international companies seeking to enter into Nigeria through Mergers & Acquisitions, floating of Nigerian subsidiaries and foreign direct investments (FDI), and individuals.

Our clients choose us over and over again because our lawyers at Hans Offia & Associates handle their legal issues innovatively, all done by a team of highly qualified lawyers who put only their best feet forward to meet the challenges of our clients’ businesses and handle their Briefs. Our ultimate watchword is to exceed clients’ expectations without fail while helping our clients to steer smoothly through business challenges and overcome all legal issues that come their way.

Global Viewpoint

Lawyers at Hans Offia & Associates are known for their global political and commercial awareness. We also have an extensive network of contacts and associations we can tap into, all in a bid to provide the best transactional work for our esteemed clients. Furthermore, we proactively choose to remain at the cutting edge of global best practices and standards.


Expert Lawyers 


Our lawyers at Hans Offia & Associates are proven experts in the diverse fields of the Law which they practice. Usually, our transactional work cuts across multiple areas of Law, thus requiring multiple legal expertise, and we ensure that our clients benefit individually from each lawyer’s strong points and collectively, from our team’s combined expertise.

Client Focus

Lawyers at Hans Offia & Associates services clients which ranges from registered companies, multi-national corporations with business interests in Nigeria, and thriving entrepreneurs blazing through the Nigerian commercial sector. We keep ourselves extremely well-informed about the happenings and regulatory and legal changes in the sectors our clients work in, and this thriving insight, combined with our combined legal expertise in the provision of our legal services, allows us to swiftly and decisively offer superb legal advice to our clients for their commercial and litigation needs.

Our Core Values

At Hans Offia & Associates, we believe firmly in Fidelity, Professionalism, and dedication to the work of our clients all while exceeding client expectations at all levels of engagement with their Briefs.

Our Memberships

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