Corporate Governance and regulatory compliance lawyers in Nigeria

Hans Offia & Associates’ global Corporate Governance and Compliance lawyers provide stellar legal services to Nigerian and multinational clients with integrated services required in national regulatory framework which they have to deal with in the course of their work. We regularly and routinely advise private companies and larger corporations in manufacturing, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), financial services sectors among others.

Several rounds of due diligence checks, alongside data management, increased penalties for defaults have dramatically increased focus on the regulatory landscape in various sectors and thus increased the need for working companies to limit their risks/exposure while they also ensure strict compliance with applicable regulations. In the light of the foregoing, compliance with applicable regulations in Nigeria’s business space has become very essential for companies that carry on business within Nigeria, or, if not carrying on business, has franchise schemes or similar arrangements with Nigerian counterparts.

The compliance team at Hans Offia & Associates provides a comprehensive suite of services to our corporate clients which encompasses different regulatory frameworks, including anti-money laundering, competition regulations in regulated industries and anti-corruption. We advise boards and consult extensively on compliance and provide businesses, companies and high net-worth individuals with needed legal guidance relevant to their industries, which includes:

  • Trade Policies
  • Financial Regulations
  • Corporate Governance Requirements



Hans Offia & Associates advises directors of companies, boards, and senior-level management executives on a full range of corporate governance matters that affect companies and these companies’ leadership; from broad structuring, board members succession planning, to SEC Regulation. With our eyes on all existing regulatory bodies, we swiftly advise our clients on changing trends and industry best practices so they can stay ahead of compliance issues. We support our clients through changes in the law, changes to their stakeholders, and work with our clients through these, advising on needed updates to their company’s articles of association, directors’ duties to the Board and to shareholders, CAC filing requirements, shareholder consents and voting rights, and general company law compliance in the cumbersome Nigerian company law space as regulated primarily by the Corporate Affairs Commission.


The administration and governance of companies can be very time-consuming and difficult, which is why we provide our clients with very straightforward advice on their needs, free from legal jargon.We provide detailed guidance, as needed.


Businesses operating in Nigeria face increasingly complex frameworks of laws and an ever evolving regulation concerning civil and regulatory risks. Since inception, Hans Offia & Associates has assisted companies that work within heavily regulated sectors of the Nigerian economy to comply with regulatory requirements. Our legal risk management and regulatory compliance lawyers conduct extensive assessments for our portfolio companies and review all records to ensure that there are no compliance loopholes. Our compliance team also works tirelessly to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements and engage with apex regulators on matters pending with the companies in our portfolio.

To ensure that we keep ahead of the curve, our lawyers at Hans Offia & Associates keeps a regularly updated database of sectors our clients work in and actively monitors all legislative developments involving our clients’ businesses. That way, we can more proactively protect the interests of our clients by ensuring statutory compliance with extant laws, thus mitigating legal risks and exposures, thereby safeguarding the reputation of our clients. Furthermore, we constantly develop, review and revise compliance policies for our clients, including on corporate governance and anti-money laundering.

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