litigation and dispute resolution law firm in abakaliki Nigeria

As a leading dispute resolution law firm, lawyers at Hans Offia & Associates handle very complex land litigation, commercial litigation, debt recovery and matrimonial causes litigation work for our clients. From institution of actions to protect the interests of our clients, to the defence of Court cases, all through the gamut of litigation from the High Courts across Nigeria, to the various Divisions Court of Appeal, and then on to the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Abuja, we have a team that is well grounded in the nuances of courtroom litigation and we put our best feet forward.

Lawyers at Hans Offia & Associates have the primary objective to ensure that the various disputes arising out of commercial transactions, business relationships, and deals, are handled by our team of litigation lawyers, with the best outcome in mind.

As Practice leaders in dispute resolution, we maintain a focus on working to protect the diverse interests of our clients even when reaching amicable settlement of disputes. We take the clients’ interest to mind at all levels, and we do not hesitate to actively advise our clients to settle disputes if we feel that it would be the best possible outcome for their position.


Why choose litigation lawyers from Hans Offia & Associates to protect your rights?

At Hans Offia & Associates, we have a combined over 30 years experience in handling litigation matters across various courts, up to the Nigeria Supreme Court. We understand that sometimes, it is in the clients’ best interest to minimize litigation exposure unless absolutely necessary, so we utilize our  dispute resolution skills to resolve disputes whether through litigation, arbitration, mediation or negotiations.

Key areas of practice strength in our litigation practice are: land disputes, contractual disputes, commercial disputes, receiverships, competition, employment and labour-related issues, intellectual property, real estate disputes, financial fraud, debt recovery, insurance claims, tax disputes, product liability claims, contractual breaches claims, Wills & Probate matters, fundamental rights enforcement matters and insurance.

Hans Offia & Associates’ Litigation & Dispute Resolution practice in Nigeria represents the interests of Partnerships, companies, banking and other financial institutions, individuals and entrepreneurs in commercial, land and business litigation. We have secured judgments at the High Courts and appellate Courts, to the satisfaction of our clients.


Arbitration is very popular and also very widely used as a method of dispute resolution, especially in commercial dispute resolution accruing from commercial transactions both within Nigeria in local commercial transactions and worldwide.

Hans Offia & Associates has a strong arbitration practice. Our arbitration lawyers have a strong depth of expertise and experience in handling commercial arbitrations. We have highly specialized seniors in the field of arbitration, and these seniors mentor and guide the younger up-and-coming lawyers, and their combined perspectives helps to forge a formidable arbitration team known for their ability to fight for our clients’ cases passionately at whatever seat of arbitration is selected for a dispute.

The arbitration lawyers at Hans Offia & Associates, one of the premium law firm in Eastern Nigeria, offers a full range of services, both in local and international arbitrations. Our team are fully able to arbitrate when appointed by an arbitration organization or through agreement between commercial parties in their contracts. We also provide a comprehensive suit of services in other forms of dispute resolution, including, negotiations, mediation, where our team mates are able to fully assist in the mediation of commercial disputes.

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