Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyers in Abakaliki Nigeria

Alternative dispute resolution has come to stay in commercial disputes resolution. It is not news that even though the entire world has delved into the world of Tech deeply and utilizes same in their work, Nigeria still lags behind in justice delivery and administration through Nigerian courts. Unfortunately, because of these administrative bottlenecks and delays, there is a marked delay in justice delivery in Nigeria. The litigation process in Nigeria takes a long route to final adjudication and this long wait period discourages many from using Nigerian courts.

Because of the above, Alternative Dispute Resolution has become the go-to dispute resolution mechanism of choice for the more sophisticated companies and business operators, multi-nationals, blue-chip companies and business clients operating in various parts of Nigeria and across borders, internationally. Because of the need for faster justice administration, companies are now veering away from courtroom litigation. These companies loath conventional courtroom litigation and prefers alternative dispute resolution.

Many of the local and international clients Hans Offia & Associates services or has serviced at one point in time or another over the years, prefer alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. Furthermore, a marked increase in foreign direct investment (FDR) in various areas of the Nigerian commercial sector has also led to a stronger demand for ADR to ensure speedy resolution of commercial disputes both from our clients and Industry players.

In predicting potential conflicts, and in choosing the path to the best possible outcomes, the lawyers at Hans Offia & Associates create ADR clauses in contractual documents and we actively advise on the use of alternative dispute resolution to aid our local and international clients who have no interest in Nigerian courtroom litigation. We have the deepest pride in ourselves on having deep commercial knowledge of the specific workings of our local and international clients so that we are better able to routinely advise on the best Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism that will be suited for each case/transaction.

Commercial Arbitration

As earlier pointed out, businesses and companies dealing in high-ticket transactions prefer commercial arbitration as their default dispute resolution mechanism in the event of disputes which arise in the course of their dealings with their business counterparts, in their commercial transactions. The alternative dispute resolution team at Hans Offia & Associates advises our clients on all aspects of Nigerian Arbitration Law and practice, addition of arbitration clauses/agreements, to arbitration hearings in chosen seats of arbitration which the lawyers at Hans Offia & Associates are privy to and invited to act in.

Hans Offia & Associates’ lawyers are experienced in arbitration, and we handle our clients’ arbitration matters in chosen arbitration seats. We are also hands-on to help our clients post-arbitral award to ensure compliance with the arbitral award where same is uncontested, and enforcement where the arbitral award needs to be. In cases where there is need to appeal, we ensure compliance with the rules of the Arbitration & Conciliation Act to the letter. Furthermore, if and where necessary, we apply for the registration of arbitral awards as Judgments of the Courts in whatever state in Nigeria this needs to be done. We do all these to ensure ease for our clients to move on with their business transactions.



Like its counterpart, Mediation has fast become one of the go-to dispute resolution mechanisms which businesses and companies employ to resolve commercial disputes speedily.

Mediation is a process that involves a neutral third party, called the “Mediator”, who has a job to help disputing parties arrive at amicable settlements of their dispute. The involvement of the mediator is focused on facilitation of negotiations and provision of resolution by the parties in ways suited to the interest of all parties to the dispute.

The stellar dispute resolution team at Hans Offia & Associates are actively involved in mediating our clients’ disputes. Furthermore, we have supported clients who opt in for third-party Mediation as their preferred dispute resolution method and we work them through the process and hang in with them every step of the way.

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