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Labour, Employment Law & Industrial Relations Law Issues

At Hans Offia & Associates, our Labour Law & Employment solicitors act for a broad range of employers including entrepreneurs, start-ups, well established, listed companies and professional services Firms on their Employment and Industrial Relations matters. At Hans Offia & Associates, we also focus our practice on representing executives, board directors, and senior-level management personnel.

In the course of our work, we regularly build teams to deliver seamless client services to our esteemed clients, for example in matters that require in the involvement of Hans Offia & Associates lawyers’ corporate & commercial, regulatory and even dispute resolution teams in one client Brief.

The Work We Do

At Hans Offia & Associates, we routinely advise our clients on issues that borders on staff employment, creating employment and end-of-employment contracts, developing Non-Disclosure Agreements, negotiating the employment and retainer of senior-level staff, getting involved in employment-related disputes between employers and employees in order to avoid ligitation at Nigeria’s National Industrial Court. We also advise on employee acquisitions and retainerships, working across different sectors of Nigeria’s business economy.

We advise clients on issues that deal with employment contracts, harassment, regulatory violations, workplace discrimination contrary to the provisions of chapter of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and other related issues. Our attorneys also oversees the negotiation of severance contracts of employees, non-disclosure agreements, and other Labour law matters.

At Hans Offia & Associates, we advise and represent clients who want to work in safe workplaces where their legal interests are adequately protected; where they are free from workplace harassment, discrimination, and work-related injuries as a result of hazardous safety standards that put them at risk.

Our Advisory Services

At Hans Offia & Associates, we advise our clients on Labour law and employment issues, which includes:

Contracts of Employment

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Employee Exits

Employment Documentation


Disciplinary Codes & Procedures

Employment Negotiations


Limited Liability Partnerships [LLPs] and Partnerships

Representation of board executives, companies and employees at the National Industrial Court across Nigeria

Expatriate requirements

Unfair Dismissal

Our Employment Law Expertise

Employment Contract Documentation & Review

For many businesses and companies which brand themselves as top-tier, it is standard practice—as required by Law, though sadly, this is in many cases ignored—to offer contracts of employment to employees at the negotiations stage. At Hans Offia & Associates, our lawyers are experts in the creation of employment contracts and we ensure we create contract documentation that is fair and reasonable to all parties in the contract. We also active make it our job to ensure that our institutional clients and the various companies we represent their legal interests maintain very high and ethical standards in their onboarding terms to prospective employees. We have deep industry knowledge of Nigeria’s business sectors and we understand Federal Trade laws and Regulations, so we are able to steer our clients away from bad contractual terms in the contracts employers offer to them.

Contract Severance Review, Negotiation & Documentation

At Hans Offia & Associates, our Labour and Employment lawyers are experts who deal with the negotiation and creation of severance contracts and we also routinely review and advise on contracts offered to employees under Nigeria’s extant Labour Laws and Trade Regulations.

Global Employment Opportunities

Relocation internationally is often a challenge for multinational companies and for domestic employees as well. In that case, we advise on employment and immigration law as it affects expatriates coming into Nigeria for work.

Sexual Misconduct in the Workplace

Lower-tier Individual employees are often the ones on the receiving end of unwanted sexual advances from managers and in many cases, seniors in the workplace. We routinely advise Firms and organizations dealing with instances of and allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace.

Employment-Related Disputes and Litigation

Litigation and general dispute resolution has remained very fundamental to the work we do for our esteemed clients at Hans Offia & Associates. As a vibrant, leading dispute resolution law firm, we have years of active experience navigating and acting as legal Counsel in very complex and the most challenging employment disputes at Nigeria’s National Industrial Court.


As acting Counsel and solicitors to employers, we support our clients on decision-making processes relating to the hiring, emoluments and contractual terms creation for their employees in ensuring that decisions made are robust, and, where necessary, defending these decisions of our corporate clients against challenge.


Contact our Labour & Employment Law Team at Hans Offia & Associates

If you are a high-earning company director, senior executive, or senior-level employee with a complex or high-value employment claim, the lawyers at Hans Offia & Associates, Abakaliki, can help you and we assure you of utmost discretion. We are experts at what we do and we providing tailored, exceptional labour and employment law counsel and representation for employees across various Nigerian sectors. We have years of experience acting for senior company executives and high-earning directors in negotiating their pay, agreements, and termination packages.

If you suspect that your employer is trying to take action against you in any way that could potentially lead to job loss, or if you are being discriminated against on grounds of your religious beliefs/practices, your political views, et cetera, our lawyers at Hans Offia & Associates will be happy to advise you on how to go about challenging such unfair discrimination or negative action against you. Getting quality legal advice from your lawyers before (legal) trouble disrupts your work as an employee will put you in a much stronger position on whatever steps you need to take.

At Hans Offia & Associates, we do have very flexible options to suit each individual needs and the needs of our corporate clients, and these include:

Fixed fee work

Free initial consultation & advice


Contact us to learn more about how we can assist your business with its legal needs. For specialist, focused and practical advice on different aspects of the law across our practice areas, we invite you to please contact our Partner Hans Soni Offia on  +2348033389055.

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