Property and real estate law firm in Abakaliki Nigeria

Hans Offia & Associates Real Estate Practice

Hans Offia & Associates provides legal services for those that work in Property and commercial real estate. Our real estate practice specializes in all aspects of real estate law with particular emphasis and interest in real estate developments and real estate transactions documentation. Due to sharp decline in purchasing value, incredible inflation, and rising interest in high-end Real Estate investment and transactions across Nigeria, we  routinely advise our clients on all aspects of real estate transactions, from real estate due diligence and searches at the Land Registries across Nigeria to investigate seller title, through acquisition and perfection of title documents, then developments. We provide an extremely efficient real estate service, match and exceed clients’ expectations while helping them navigate complex Equity and Debt-backed Real Estate transactions.

Our Unique Positioning

At Hans Offia & Associates, we pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge of extant real estate laws at all levels of the Federation; both at the state, regional and national levels. Our job is to swiftly unravel the intricacies often associated with high-value property acquisitions and financing in the real estate hubs across Nigeria where our local and international clients are investing their funds.

The lawyers at Hans Offia & Associates has acted as trusted legal solicitors and advisers to private and institutional investors, companies, high-end real estate Property development companies with portfolios in Ikoyi, Banana Island, Enugu, Abakaliki and Abuja, and financial institutions providing financing for real estate deals before, during and after their transactions.

Our lawyers at Hans Offia & Associates provide quality pre-contract due diligence and conducts thorough investigations of Property titles from land neighbours, Land Registries, and Court registries in order to ascertain authenticity of presented title documents in order to ensure that our clients who trust us with their Brief do not get encumbered Properties and Lands. We also ensure that our clients get our fast-track legal ownership registration services (to protect them against drawbacks peculiar to land purchases and property acquisition within Nigeria.

Commercial Property Deals & Documentation

Drafting of all types and forms of Property Agreements relating to property development, and these include acquisitions, development, leasing, tenancy, subscription, as well as title documents preparation, registration and perfection at Land Registries across Nigeria.


Hans Offia & Associates does very intricate property conveyancing work for our real estate clients, including the opening of land registers for real estate companies which owns estates with numerous buyers of plots of land, wherein the company holds the global certificate of occupancy for the entire acreage. We also provide

Property Litigation & Dispute Resolution

As a very strong dispute resolution law firm, lawyers at Hans Offia & Associates handles major property and land and other related litigation for high net worth individual clients, communities, companies and banks. We are bulldogs who slug it out with opposing counsel and we put our best feet forward in order to win our cases, and fight for our clients from the High Courts to the Supreme Court of Nigeria. We are proud of our track record in securing wins for our clients at different stages of the litigation process.

Our Service as a Leading Property Law practice

Lawyers at Hans Offia & Associates take the time to get to know our clients and we make it our business to understand property development, financing and acquisitions. As long standing members of the Nigerian Bar, we thrive on bringing the deepest levels of expertise which our clients demand from us and we exceed their expectations at each given turn. We are proud of our achievements in the Real Estate sector, having serviced banks and other major lenders in legal mortgage creations and providing legal counsel on property development and acquisitions matters.

At Hans Offia & Associates, we represent private and institutional developers, property and land owners, and financiers in a broad scope of work that encompasses:

  1. Investigating real estate titles at Land registries, probate registries and the registries of Courts.
  2. Helping with negotiations, drafting of real estate documentations, perfection of transaction Deeds, alongside other real estate and land documents.
  3. Representing high net-worth individuals, registered limited liability companies, and multinationals in their sale of, lease, or acquisition of land and properties within different parts of Nigeria.
  4. Ensuring compliance with extant Property Laws in Nigeria.
  5. Drafting long-term and short-term lease Agreements.

With a vast network of contacts across Nigeria, we are conveniently located to serve all your real estate and land acquisition needs. We invite you to reach out to our Partner Hans Soni Offia on  +2348033389055 in order to explore your visions and project needs.

For more information about our law firm, our services and our technical capabilities, we invite you to download our Firm’s Capability Statement which is available here. Alternatively, please click >>>> “Hans Offia & Associates Capability Statement/Brochure” to download.