Taxation Law firm in Abakaliki Nigeria

Taxation is an important aspect of business operations in Nigeria and our lawyers are Hans Offia & Associates are at the forefront of an ever evolving Tax landscape in Nigeria.

The tax lawyers at Hans Offia & Associates work closely with our clients over their tax law concerns. With Tax authorities at the Federal and State levels continually examining the tax compliance strategies of multinationals, domestic companies, employees, celebrities and high net-worth individuals within Nigeria, and with their drive to increase the contribution of tax to Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product in view of hyper inflation, Tax authorities nationwide have become more aggressive than ever before.

The Taxation Regime in Nigeria

Nigeria’s Tax authorities at all levels aim to exponentially increase tax revenues in Nigeria. Add to this that we have a multiplicity of tax regimes applicable across Federal, State and Local Government levels across Nigeria, this unique situation presents a going concern for companies and entrepreneurs working across Nigeria.

Our Tax Law team at Hans Offia & Associates has represented top-tier Firms and global clients in tax litigation and we have routinely advised on Tax-related issues to numerous companies and employees on their tax obligations and tax assessments by Tax authorities.

Our seasoned Tax advisory experts at Hans Offia & Associates ensure that we add significant value to our clients’ key operations by providing legal counsel and tax advisory services on the tax related aspects of their businesses in a range of complex, high-value commercial, business and property transactions. We also advise them on general tax matters and changing Tax regimes and Regulations across Nigeria. The Tax practice group at Hans Offia & Associates, while working from our law offices in Abakaliki, are like seasoned gatekeepers that bars tax non-compliance. We also ensure that we do not miss the smallest details for our clients which range from thriving, vibrant start-ups, to companies, to multinational companies with cross-border functionality.

We have considerable experience working with tax authorities in Abakaliki and at the Federal level, and we leverage on that know-how, which we then couple with our extensive years of experience handling our clients’ tax matters, to minimize our clients’ exposure and liability.

The Tax Advisory services at Hans Offia & Associates encompass:

Capital Gains Tax

Companies Income Tax

Personal Income Tax

Stamp Duties

Tax litigation

Tax Appeals

Tax Advisory

Value Added Tax



What We Do for Clients in our Tax Advisory Practice?

At Hans Offia & Associates, we service Nigerian and foreign clients on their tax matters and tax litigations. We negotiate with tax authorities on behalf of our clients, we process tax filings at the necessary Tax offices; we also structure our clients’ companies to ensure their tax compliance with Nigerian tax laws. Our extensive knowledge and technical know-how of Nigeria’s corporate space helps us to use that extensive knowledge we have garnered in our years of law practice to develop our clients’ tax policies. This ensures that they are compliant at all times with extant tax laws and Regulations within Nigeria.

Contentious Tax Disputes

The tax practice group at Hans Offia & Associates offer advisory services and litigation services to Nigerian companies and international clients. We advise on the tax implications and tax liabilities accruing in complex transactions, and we also represent aggrieved taxpayers in challenging unwholesome tax assessments at the Tax Appeal Tribunal and at the appellate courts. We have sound mastery of Nigeria’s tax laws and international tax policy instruments which might influence or engender changes in Nigeria’s tax regime, as well as our close monitoring for law and policy changes both at local and national levels. This means that we never rest but proactively work to keep abreast of changes and get ready to challenge decisions and assessments through the Justice arm of the Nigerian government.

Within the past four years, our team has represented corporate clients in different tax matters and we are happy with the outcome we bring for our clients.

Contact our Taxation Lawyers

Tax laws can be complex, involving multiple layers of compliance because of the various taxes that apply across Nigeria. However, with the help of the tax law experts at Hans Offia & Associates, all these does not need to be complex. To find out more, or to arrange a consultation with us to see how we can best help your company/business on its Tax issues, we invite you to complete our online enquiry form or contact our Partner Hans Soni Offia on  +2348033389055.

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